Friends of the Manor

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At Friends of the Manor, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life
for young men battling the disease of addiction.


Please Join us for our Event:
A Re-Imagined Life After Addiction


Friends of the Manor is a501c3 and supports individuals and communities in recovery. We offer a wide range of services and benefits including:


Friends of the Manor provides subsidies for young men committed to their recovery. Funds are used to subsidize therapy, counseling services and fees associated with treatment including rent.
education scholarships

Community & Professional Education

We organize lectures and symposiums designed to educate our community on the current state of addiction treatment.  We also provide professional education to members in the industry to ensure they have the tools they need to work with individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.
Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and Therapy

The Friends of the Manor team has developed a network of professionals trained in the field of addiction.  We serve as a referral source to these qualified individuals and provide funding to ensure young men have access to services they need to continue their sober lifestyle.

Community Activism

Community Activism

We work with local civic groups, schools and clubs to educate them about the epidemic of addiction and to develop tools and techniques that can facilitate meaningful change.
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How can I help?

Friends of the Manor is looking for corporate sponsors, local businesses and individuals  to help us in our mission.

We invite you to participate in our events and take a moment to make a donation to this worthy cause.